Corporate Innovation

Being deeply immersed in emerging technologies,  Frontier Network is in a perfect position to assist corporates with innovation.  The team has engaged large corporates across Europe, the USA and China.


Case Study: Car ewallet

Frontier Network was primarily involved in the development of the Car ewallet, connecting Activeledger (a bespoke distributed ledger solution and opensource platform) with corporates UBS, IBM and ZF.   The objective was to further develop and market the Car ewallet service following a collaboration with project partners IBM and UBS.

The service, for example, enables payments for refueling or re-charging electric cars. The electronic transaction wallet can also be used to pay for tolls, parking fees or car sharing. The first pilot projects of Car eWallet are expected to be launched as early as the second half of 2018.

ZF has now outsourced all activities for the development and marketing of Car eWallet. In an initial financing phase, ZF will equip the start-up with seed capital; for ongoing funding, the start-up will advertise for investors. “This way, we can use the agility of the start-up scene where many innovative approaches can be developed more freely and quickly than within a corporate structure,” explains Graf.

In spring, the temporary cooperation between ZF and the previous collaboration partners, the technology company IBM and the global bank UBS, had ended after successfully concluding the project phase.


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